Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Dream Room

Recently I've watched a show and one of the main character shows her dream room, and this inspired me to think of how my dream room would look like.

What kind of style you would like to choose for your dream room? Modern, Classic, Cute, Lovely, Romantic, or you just need a simple looking room?

Well, I wish that my dream room would be color in pink and white, surrounded with nice decoration, with nice wall papers, with soft curtain, and do not forget the crystal-light hanging on the ceiling. Hmm.. this sounds like a princess style room.

So, what would your dream room look like?

Modern Room with glass, but you can't sleep when the sun shine :p

This one look like you are on the ship

These room makes you feel like you are in a Holiday mood

All white room, look clean and fresh

Underwater feel looks cool, maybe every morning will see sharks come and greet you. haha... :p

Modern and simple look

princess style and cutie style look sweet

Friday, February 26, 2010

Upper GI Endoscopy

Finally, I'm discharged last night around 7pm. I've went through a series of tests like Pressure Test, X-ray, Ultrasound, Blood Test and Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. The total cost of all the tests are around RM1700, but luckily ING is able to cover for this. The doctor who did the Endoscopy to me is Dr Ong from Pantai Hospital at Cheras.

Preparation for Upper Gastrointestinal (GI) Endoscopy:
- The upper GI tract must be empty before upper GI endoscopy. Generally, no eating or drinking is allowed for at least 8 hours before the procedure.
- Do not wear any accessories during the procedure, so the nurse will ask if you have wear any ring, earrings, and etc items.
- and Also have to remove your nail polish, if you've put on the nail polish. Which this is to allow doctor to easily observe your health condition during or after the endoscope.

Process of Upper GI Endoscopy:
- Nurse will first put a clip on my finger which the device is to test my hearth beat
- Doctor will then inject the sedative on my hand.
- Then the nurse spray the anesthetic liquid into my throat
- and gave me an item to ask me to bite on it, which the item has a hole for the scope to go through.
- After few seconds I started to feel dizzy but I'm still partially conscious.
- The test is only about 5 to 10 min which is really quick. I didn't realized when the scope has went in and out of my throat, but it may be because I was already sedated or sprayed with liquid anesthetic.
- After the upper GI endoscopy, I was moved to the recovery room to rest and wait for the sedative to wear off.
- During this time, I feel so nauseated and also has very minor sore throat.

After like 5 to 6 hours of waiting for the result, the doctor has finally came out from other surgery and tell me that I'm Helicobacter pylori negative, just that I've too much of acid in my stomach, that causes one part of my stomach area redness, so he will give me some medicine to reduce the acid. The blood test showed I've quite high cholesterol which I need to take care of my diet. The ultrasound shows fine on my liver and other lower GI organs. X-Ray showed that I've some backbone problem which is the reason I quite often feel back aching.

Although the processes are so tiring and scary, but I feel so release after the result shows fine on me and then the doctor discharged me on that night and I'm able to go home for a good rest :).

Today I'm still having body aching could be due to the endoscopy and once a while sudden pain on my GI areas. Just hope my body can recover soon.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gastric Pain

Recently quite often that I've gastric pain, and now is getting worse. I've research a lot of articles regarding this problem and found out I've matches quite a few of those symptoms. I'm really worried it might be H. pylori, stomach ulcer or even worse than that.

I've symptoms like sudden pain at upper stomach area, nausea, vomiting, bloated, dizziness, and tiredness.

Tomorrow, I will be going to Pantai Hospital for a few of tests like blood test, ultrasound, and endoscopy and will need to be hospitalized after the tests, as I will be very suffering after endoscope. I'm actually very afraid of all these tests, as I've never done a blood test before and I'm afraid of injection. I just hope everything will be okay for me. I hope my stomach discomfort is just normal stomach acid overly active or some other small matter.